a community development  organization

To provide a family-friendly home to those in need of emergency shelter, transitional and supportive and permanent housing and all necessary resources to gain or re-gain mental, spiritual, financial and/or domestic stability. Offering services that help the whole person while advocating self-reliance, accountability, responsibility and education. To eliminate the endless cycle of homelessness and recidivism. Further providing a foundation built on the belief that anyone can be restored and unlimited power is available to those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Community development is the vision for TPHM. We recognize that having a place to live is essential but also having a safe, beautiful neighborhood to be proud of.  Being without a home, makes it's hard to build upward. We believe that everyone should have a foundation, a place to build from. Our vision, in line with the revitalization of  the City of Detroit, is to restore and build new, quality and affordable housing. We believe in the City and know that homelessness can be eradicated. Along with new housing, our vision extends to a range of initiatives critical to community health such as economic development, particularly in the "green" industry, blight removal, sanitation, neighborhood planning projects, and providing education and social services to neighborhood residents. 

God's Work, Our Hands